Multi-award winning Celebrant

This is your special day and I am here to provide you with a unique and personalised wedding ceremony that will have guests raving about for years to come.

My approach is to provide a ceremony that reflects your personalities, and one where your guests will enjoy. It will be a beautiful depiction of your relationship and touch the hearts of every guest who has the pleasure of witnessing such a momentous occasion.

They say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, so please see a video of me explaining how my ceremonies are different. Otherwise, here is a snapshot of my style, which is to interview the couple and those closest to them, then compile, edit and create three unique readings:

A letter to your family
Where guests will get to know how you two became who you are today and get a glimpse of the family you will create. A wonderful opportunity to thank your family for their years of love and support.

A selection of comments and stories
from closest family and/or friends about you two – it’s always a bit of fun.

A letter from the bride and groom to each other.
leads so nicely into the vows

I read them out as a nice voiceover so everyone can just sit an enjoy. Till this day, photographers and videographers still tell me there is nothing else like it out there. Everyone is engaged and interested in the ceremony, it is really nice. I often have people coming up telling me “I cried and laughed so hard – I don’t even know the couple – I’m just a +1”

Okay, so you know how my ceremonies work and you like what you hear (or is that too presumptuous?), but you’re thinking, ‘That sounds like a lot of work.’ And you know what? You’re right! It is a lot of work…for me! As your celebrant, my role is to guide you through this process and make it not only easy, but enjoyable, too. This should be a time of joy, not stress! If you’re still wondering, How much work do we have to do? click on the link to find out!

If you’re ready to arrange an appointment with me, please complete the form. Thank you!

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