I started my working life in the corporate world as a business consultant. I have to admit I quite enjoyed it and am even proud to say I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. On the side I started doing wedding planning for friends which quickly snowballed into actual job offers which gave me an outlet for my creative channels. Plus, I just love weddings! I found my style was to particularly focus on creating moments to make the day meaningful and memorable, making sure everyone was looked after and comfortable down to tiny details and in particular slotting in cultural or religious traditions so that it makes sense in the flow of the day.

Having been involved in so many weddings, I had this idea of how I could make a Civil Ceremony even more personalised, meaningful, unique, special and stress free – tested it at a few friend’s weddings and got great feedback. Hence, after I have been happily married for a while myself and felt I had the maturity to appreciate marriage, I sought to register as a Civil Marriage Celebrant and haven’t looked back since!

Today I am still happily married and I am a mother of three boys – yes, three. Weddings are still my outlet for my creative channel but also for my feminine sanity! I love meeting my couples because I can still consult, but about weddings rather than corporate issues. Getting to know them and their closest friends and families in such depth is like reading a romantic novel and getting to witness the real life happy ending! By the time of the wedding ceremony, I already feel very much like a friend and I still love keeping in touch with all my past couples and hearing their happy news. I know I am extremely blessed to have something I enjoy so much I can call a job and be able to be helpful, to contribute to and be a part of so many couple’s special day.

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