Just select one of the three readings below, and I will do the rest! If I need to follow up to ask you for more details, they are usually short questions and answers as well. I will do all the editing to make it appropriate and read it out on the day so you can just enjoy the moment.

Reading 1 – Letters to parents/family

  • You will each be given a questionnaire with 6 or 7 questions.
  • I usually suggest you set aside at least an hour to write this letter.
  • You can write a full letter which addresses those questions or just answer each question in 4-5 bullet points.
  • Do not do drafts, best to write what you think sporadically and honestly (I will edit for appropriateness for the ceremony).
  • I always remind couples to enjoy this process, as it’s nice to take time off to appreciate how your life has led you to where you are now with appreciation for your parents. This is particularly helpful if they have also been a source of stress for your wedding because they care so much!

Reading 2 – Comments and stories from friends

  • Together, you choose 2-8 friends in total for me to interview via email.
  • You only need to introduce me via email and tell me a little about your relationship with them so I can better cater the questions.
  • It all depends on how long you have known them (e.g since primary/high school, uni, work, etc), and whether or not they spend time with you as a couple or just one of you.
  • I won’t hassle you again unless I haven’t heard back from them.

Reading 3 – Letters to each other

  • This is quite similar to Reading 1
  • You will each be given a questionnaire with 6 or 7 questions.
  • Again, I always remind couples to enjoy this process, as it’s nice to take time off to focus on your future together rather than just the wedding day.

Of course!

As my ceremonies are already so unique and personalised for you, I usually only suggest traditions or rituals that have a special meaning to you. Whatever they may be, I will research to make sure I understand the meaning behind them if I don’t know it already to make sure it fits into context into the ceremony.

Sometimes, couples just want ‘something’ but not sure what and we can brain storm together. In the past I have had requests to make ‘something special’ to symbolize the day as it is the anniversary of which they got together and they have celebrated other milestones on the same date but wanted something more for their wedding day. In the end, they liked my suggestion of buying charms to symbolize all those special milestones and on the wedding day, they hang them all on an ornament tree where they will display in a prominent place in their house to remind them of the day it all came into fruition.

Other common requests are ways to include children or other family members and my list of suggestions can go on forever depending on the dynamics of your family!

I love a challenge of thinking outside the square and come up with something unique just for you.

For busy season, ASAP! For example, I get bookings more than 1 year in advance and sometimes even more.

Legally, you must decide and meet with your chosen celebrant at least 1 month prior to the day you want to get married to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. This is a legal requirement in Australia and no celebrant can do otherwise.

If you really need to get married before that, the only option is to fulfil the requirements of shortening of time and apply to the courts. For more information, go to the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages website.

  • If you think you meet these requirements, contact me immediately to arrange a time to sign the NOIM which is required as part of the application.
  • The process is not too daunting as long as you have a valid reason that falls within the categories.
Usually a minimum of 30 minutes and I would suggest no longer than 1hr 15 mins as absolute maximum. It all depends on what you request to be included in your ceremony, how many readings, any translations required and any other special traditions or rituals to include. It is a delicate balance of making your special moment flow without dragging or fly by too quickly but also the attention span of your guests.
That is not a problem. As long as you realise that travel fees may apply, you can always contact me first to see if I am available on the date you wish to get married. If you’re really stuck, I am happy to suggest locations.

Usually, this is the case if your marriage is pending a VISA application.

I’m very used to dealing with these and I am familiar with the process and the types of additional documents immigration agents usually ask celebrants for. You only need to pay the non-refundable deposit to start the process going by signing the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form with me, then we can confirm the date and location once the VISA is approved and your fiancé is in beautiful Melbourne.

If you are both in Melbourne and the reason you don’t have a location or date yet is because you can’t decide, feel free to contact me with a range of date choices to see which ones I am available to assist you with. Note however that during busy season, November to March, celebrants and venues gets booked up very quickly.

That is not a problem, I have dealt with many couples who currently reside overseas but wish to get married in Melbourne. There is a process you need to go through for legal purposes and also for me to design my ceremonies and I give them to you step-by-step with timelines to avoid overloading you with information. Apart from the first phone call/web chat, the rest is usually done via email anyway, so it is very easy.

No problem!

For many reasons, whether it be because of budget, you are just travelling to Melbourne to get married, or because you will have a bigger celebration another time or overseas, some couples choose to just register their marriage without a ceremony.

This is much cheaper and is usually done with just the couple and two witnesses.

Just contact me and we can arrange something.