For many couples who have parents and/or relatives who only understand Chinese, I may come in handy. Or if you prefer the entire ceremony conducted in Cantonese, can be easily done also.

Firstly, I always suggest you first determine if you like my style of ceremony. So please see my video (also on the front page of my website) for explanations.

If you do like my style, know that for bi-lingual and even tri-lingual ceremonies I effortlessly weave through the languages depending on who needs to hear what is being said and balancing out the overall feel of the ceremony.

Lots of options
You may be just requiring a civil ceremony with the Chinese Language integrates. Some Chinese couples may choose to incorporate the legalities into part of their Chinese Tea ceremony, or integrate parts of their tea ceremony into their civil ceremony. If you are considering all this but don’t know how to decide – don’t worry – I’ll help you decide by asking you lots of questions about you two and your family.

For those who know you need to do a separate Chinese Tea ceremony please head here for lots of free tips and advice.

For a sample of my Cantonese please see this video of Amy and Vincent’s wedding.

For a sample of my Mandarin please see this video of Louise and Lalitha’s wedding that was broadcasted on National TV in Season 1 of Marry Me Marry My Family.

For another example of my Cantonese and English ceremonies, please see this video from Don Angela Motino Pictures of Kico and Edison’s wedding.

It can be a full Chinese Tea ceremony...


a mixed culture ceremony and tea ceremony...


or a civil ceremony in Cantonese, Mandarin and/or English