I am fluent in English and Cantonese, and Mandarin is my second language (so I have a bit of an accent).

When should you use a Chinese celebrant?

If either of the partner or the witnesses do not have a competent grasp of English, a Chinese celebrant needs to be used or a NATTI approved translator needs to be hired (which will usually be more expensive than just hiring a Chinese celebrant).

Otherwise, having a Chinese celebrant is just sometimes nicer because I can conduct the ceremony in a language you and your family or friends usually liaise with and I also have a much better understanding on the cultural background and needs of Chinese (for example, I may edit more heavily knowing there are parents and relatives present with stories from friends). I take great care in my translations to ensure it is a good balance between people understanding what is happening and dragging the ceremony on for too long.

Ultimately it is your wedding and I want to ensure leading up to the most special moment, the vows, the moment is anticipated. Hence, what I translate and how much I translate depends on approximately how many people attending:

1) Can understand only one language, and who they are to the couple.

2) Can understand both/all languages, and who they are to the couple.

It also depends on which readings you have chosen. For example, letters to parents/family I will always read out in the language the bride or groom speaks to their parents in and then I will summarise just the funny and interesting childhood stories for the rest of the guests rather than the whole letter.

How much of the remaining ceremony I translate depends on which other readings you have chosen, and what languages the proportion of your guests understands. In some cases the entire ceremony is conducted in Chinese.

I have taken the precaution to use a lawyer to approve the translations of the legal wordings I use in my ceremonies to ensure the legality of my ceremonies.

Read below a testimonial from a couple who were very excited when they found out I could conduct the whole ceremony in Chinese.

好多谢你答应为我们主持这次婚礼登记仪式,同时也好多谢你那么专业和那么有耐心为我们完成我们的演讲词。我们的家人和朋友都很开心很感动, 当然Andy和我当天很幸福很幸福的在你的带领下迈向了我们人生的第二阶段。我们现在很开心的享受着二人世界, 很多谢你给我们那么好的回忆。我们也希望你们家庭幸福, all the best. 希望你能一直保持对这份工作的热情和冲劲。最后我们有些照片是想和你分享的。 提早和你说声: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Many thanks,
Linda and Andy

It can be a full Chinese Tea ceremony

A mixed culture ceremony and tea ceremony

Or just a civil ceremony in Cantonese, Mandarin and/or English