The Chinese tea ceremony is a ceremony that is often under appreciated. Living in a Western culture, this cultural ceremony is particularly valued as many try to appreciate the richness of one’s roots and it is something I highly encourage.

The main challenges for couples and their families are that they have no idea what to do and where to begin! There are many different Chinese culture and living overseas parents’ experiences and expectations are often mixed.

Providing couples with a meaningful and unforgettable Wedding day is something I passionately believe in. So, below I have put together a video giving useful tips on how to conduct different parts of tea ceremony all for free! These 4 videos alone should already provide you with a good foundation to a great start to your wedding day.

If you find you need more help than what I’ve provided, contact me! Whether it be just needing help to plan appropriate wedding games, or someone to assist with the ceremony. I would love to hear from you.

How to run a successful and meaningful gate crash or tea ceremony games
This part of the tea ceremony is often most misunderstood because young people often used this as an excuse to humiliate the groom. In this video I show you the real meaning behind this practice and show you examples of how to design games that even the groom and groomsmen will look forward to.
A great video to share with bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Intro to Chinese Tea Ceremony
A basic overview into what the meaning and significance of a Chinese Tea Ceremony and what is needed.

Setting up for tea ceremony
This video is helpful for you to decide where and when to set up your tea ceremony and how.
Should I have the tea ceremony at home? Who’s home? 
When should I have the tea ceremony? On my wedding day? Separate day? Which part of the day?
All those questions and more are considered.

How to conduct a tea ceremony
So you have been chosen by the couple and their parents to help them conduct their tea ceremony, or you are deciding who to choose to ask to help with your tea ceremony.
This video goes through all the things the person in charge needs to do at a minimum to provide the couple and their family a meaningful and unforgettable Chinese Tea ceremony.

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Wishing you all the best for your wedding planning and don’t forget to enjoy it!