How do my ceremonies differ to other celebrants?

How do my ceremonies differ to other celebrants?

There is no better way to explain it than with this video

Videos of past clients where the videographers have made use of different sections of my ceremonies with my voice in the background. Those readings really do help tell each couple’s stories.

John and Ben

Every now and then you come across a love story so powerful it stays with you forever. For anyone who believes in love, watch this!

Credit to Allure Productions.

Addyson and Olivia

A love story well told takes lots of people and Yong Video Productions did a great job here where I was very honoured to be included as a part of the story telling.

Mathew and Amy

Living Lens here heavily utilised extracts from Reading 2 – comments and stories of friends to make this fun and cheeky video that reflects the couple’s personality to the dot

Jenna and Paul

Another example of how my ceremonies and readings work

Yuki and Frank

Sometimes, only a few words are required to express gratitude. This is a video produced by Preface Films who has focused on Reading 1, letters to parents

Edison and Kico

Credit to Don Angelo Motion & Pictures – with me conducting the ceremony of Edison and Kico, in English and Cantonese.

Vincent and Amy

A fantastic video from Red Pocket Pictures capturing the story of Vincent and Amy with my English and Cantonese.